Wrestling Chronicles Partnership

In early 2018, we were approached by a fresh faced YouTube and Facebook enterprise called Wrestling Chronicles. Its goal was to amass a following of likeminded Wrestling Enthusiasts, and to do this, they would chronicle entire Wrestling storylines from start to finish.

After hearing the creator’s desire and determination, we decided to find a way to make a partnership between us both that could maximise the potential for both Wrestling Chronicles and Bad Gecko.

In response to the request we received, we created Bad Gecko: Wrestling, a Wrestling dedicated strand of our network.

Wrestling Chronicles wanted to keep their own enterprise, and in return for our help with various things, it was agreed that we would receive our own new web show title, Wrestling: The Story of…

Simply put, whatever storyline the Wrestling Chronicles guys decide to complete, we will make a Special Documentary about it. So for example, Wrestling Chronicles completed the entire NWO 2002 run, and as part of the deal, we are busy at work creating a special documentary for the same storyline.

Although Wrestling Chronicles wanted to promote their own product through us, we reached a deal that we could both benefit from. No matter how insane the idea sounds, we will entertain it (within reason of course), and if we can work something out, we will.































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