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How can you help Bad Gecko Interactive? Our aim is to approach, collaborate and create amazing Video games with the passion of yesteryear. We are bored and tired of the same big corporations churning out the same boring and tired old games. We don’t want to buy a game, then pay more for content that should be there to start with. We want to go back to a time where you bought Sonic and Mario on a cartridge, and the entire game was there with an instruction booklet bigger than 1 page. A time where if you wanted to expand on your video game, you had to make another one of equal or better quality, not release a map pack!

So to the details. Got any equipment you no longer use? That old gaming PC just gaining dust? How about that recording equipment sitting untouched? We encourage you to send us anything you think would assist us and our community in realising the dream of a true video game. If you think you have anything that can help, please send it to:

Bad Gecko
PO Box 173
LS10 9ET

Any items we receive from the community will have a special feature on our site, and a special Community video for YouTube, shouting to the world how awesome you are for being a part of our community.

Don’t have any items you think may be of use? No Problem! You could always show your support by tipping us a little donation here and there so that we can go hunt the equipment for you. Again any items we buy will be showcased in a special episode, and will be credited entirely to you Community supporters!

You can drop us a donation via PayPal here:
Or you can become a Patron here on Patreon:

No matter how you want to support us, a Like on social media, a Subscribe and a Share will also take us in huge steps on our journey. Together we can make it happen!

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