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You can read more about Bad Gecko and its origins over at the Motion Pictures section of the website here. You can also read more about Bad Gecko the Collector over at the Collectors Series section of the website here.

Where does Bad Gecko Interactive place in the world of Video Games? Well individually I have been a professional content artist since 2003. In the past 15 years I have collaborated with a host of fantastic teams, and worked alongside of some of the most successful Video Game publishers the world has to offer.

Furthermore I have taken my work with Video Games further than design and publishing, as over the years I have been a freelance tutor teaching video game design to students of all ages around the United Kingdom.

Bad Gecko Interactive is so much more than just myself. Although I am the sole operator, and only fixed person at Bad Gecko, I am lucky enough to have the services of various freelance professionals worldwide when and if I require them, and it is this that makes Bad Gecko truly special. I have built my portfolio up over the last decade and a half as an individual, however knowing the struggle involved, I use my experience, and give others the opportunities that first evaded me, and those that may not be directly offered by the lucrative gaming industry.

So why now, why 2018 to launch an independent development company? The true answer is that Bad Gecko has always existed in one form or another as a developer. The name Bad Gecko is new, but the standards are old. There has to be some understanding of the video game scene over the years before concluding an answer.

To the industry, I made my debut in the modding boom period, and that span of time is a like for like of the Indy Dev boom period we have now. PC Modding in the 2000s was as critical to a games longevity as DLC is today. The difference between then and now is that back then, the tools were limited unlike they are today, so in essence, individuals like me who weren’t degree educated, and didn’t have a few thousand notes to throw around making a team and buying licences, modding was as close as we could get to developing our own games.

It is in that where my own personal evolution has had to take place. As time as a habit of doing, it moves on, and right now, the modification scene has been replaced with Independent Development. Tools such as Unreal Engine 4 are the modern day mod tools of yesteryear. Before we had to rely on developers building the barebones for us to build off of, but now in Unreal Engine and Unity, those barebones already come pre-built. So in reality, the process is the same, Indy Developers simply mod the existing features of programs such as UE and Unity, but now instead of modding, we call it Independent Developing.

Furthermore, modding a pre-existing game, no matter how extensive, the sad truth is the developers of that game will always own your content, which means no matter how good your creation is and/or does, you can never use it professionally, which as a developer of any level, is discouraging. Independent developing allows you to create your own work and use it as you see fit, giving the control back to the creator.

So, with that history lesson now presented, I hope you can now understand what Bad Gecko represents. It represents a time when developing was done for passion, for those not in the circumstances that a career was possible in the industry. Bad Gecko has always been a developer in one form or another, and below I will list some of the projects, and fellow developers that I have worked in my 15 year development career.

Electronic Arts
Sony Computer Entertainment
Westwood Studios
Gathering of Developers
Tripwire Interactive
Black Sand Studios
Media Molecule
SCE Cambridge Studio
Tarsier Studios
Double Eleven
United Front Games
Sumo Digital
Leeds Film Festival
Games Without Frontiers 












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