About Bad Gecko: The Collector

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Ladies and Gentlemen, children of all ages, I am The Collector. From Nintendo to Sega, Playstation to Windows, Final Fantasy to Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid to Zelda… these are just a few exhibits in my museum of video game niceties, and I am here to share it all with you.

What’s the purpose, what’s the plan? It is threefold, and the first is that there doesn’t appear to be any resources for aspiring collectors to investigate to help them collect. In our series of videos, we will show what should be included in your purchase so that you know it’s a genuine item for your collection from start to finish.

The second phase is nostalgia… sweet sweet nostalgia. We have dug up original TV trailers and gameplay to take you back to a time where simplicity was a drug you crave as an adult. Where beating the final level on Sonic was the goal of the week, not surviving the monotony of employment.

Third, and probably the most important, I have realised that collecting is a hard and expensive job alone, but as part of a preservation team, it can be fun and less expensive, yes that’s right, a lot less expensive. By putting myself and my collection out there, I am hoping that fellow enthusiasts want to help the collection grow and pledge their support in many different ways, because…

Secret option number four, someday, many years from now, I would love to open up a video game museum showing off the collection from around the globe. Just imagine that, a museum dedicated to gamers and fellow enthusiast, supported and opened by those very same video gamers and enthusiasts.

It’s not a dream, it’s a reality, and a reality we could all have.

So without further a due, check out the Collection, it gets updated weekly, and become part of the preservation!



















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