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It is simple to explain what or who we are, Bad Gecko is a community from start to finish.

In every aspect of what we have ever done, what we do now or will ever do in the future, will be a result of community collaboration. We have understood from the beginning that without a community, be that 1 person, 10 people or 100 or more people, that succeeding in life is practically impossible, because everyone needs a helping hand along the way, whether they agree or disagree, realise it or don’t, without help and support, you carry too much weight to make it to the finish line.

We don’t just understand that, we embrace it. We look beyond society and the rule book of life. We have never believed that unless you go to college and university that you aren’t good enough. Corporations around the world gauge a person’s worth based on the paper they hold, and we have been in enough organisations to know that is not how it should work.

That is why we call ourselves a community, and not an organisation. We don’t view people in letters and paper, we view them in desire, be that pure and raw then and there, or potential that needs some support to bloom.

We mentioned we have been in many organisations, and that is something that we wouldn’t change, because that gave us experience. Hopefully the experience we need to see Bad Gecko go from strength to strength. We have worked as followers, and following is great, it is safe, but it can also only get you as far as the thing/person you follow. If you want to get to where you want to go, you need to do become the leader, and lead yourself to your objective.

And that is what we have become, we have become leaders in our own lives. We are now taking the reins of the horse and carriage, and we plan on taking this bad boy as far and as wide as we can get it, hopefully picking up other talented people along the way to give them an opportunity to shine.

From web shows to video games, music to events, we want to bring it all, and bring it all in a big way. We don’t want the fat cats to win any longer, we don’t want to see talent be squandered because Peter who picks his nose has a degree, but Pauline who paints stunning art is turned away because she picked up a job instead of a book.

We aren’t saying that education is wrong, but we are saying it’s not the be and end all, we aren’t just saying it, we represent it.

So that’s us, working for a better tomorrow for our community. We encourage you all to take part, sign up, collaborate, and work in unison so that we all succeed together.

Drop us an email at badgeckouk@gmail.com or visit us on facebook for more information, or just for a chat.

















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