Synopsis: Command and Conquer General: Art of Defence (06/02/2018)

Command and conquer generals art of defence, is a series of maps that allows players to work together via online multiplayer to defend their bases against computer controlled opponents. Originally C&C multiplayer only allowed for players to either face each other, or team with someone to face another team. Art of Defence allowed all players to team against computer AI.

Art of defence works by having 1 or more human controlled players build up a base with massive defensive abilities, after a timer has expired, the player must survive up to 10 waves of enemies with increasing difficulties per wave. Art of defence was a revolutionary game type for C&C generals at the time, as it gave players a new lease on multiplayer.

There were multiple types of AOD maps ranging from defend your base, to making sure no units crossed the border.

Involvement: Design, Mapping, Coding, Modelling







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