Synopsis: BF2142 - BattleRacer (06/02/2018)

A direct sequel to the BF2 version, Battle Racer 2142 Is a racing mod for Battlefield 2142, although a public release was never mad, a 2142 version does exist somewhere on a HDD. BR2142 is a very simple mod converting a first person shooter to a racing game. As per BF2, the player uses a fast car to race around a track with a mounted chain gun on the front, and another gun in the back for a passenger to use. The aim of the game is to win at all costs.

Unfortunately 2142 proved difficult to mod due to the altered and more complex frostbite engine, this is ultimately what lead to many mods being unfinished.

Involvement: Design, Coding, Textures, Sound, Mapping







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