Synopsis: Terminator - The Resistance Chronicles (06/02/2018)

Terminator - The Resistance Chronicles was created as part of a 24 hour create a game challenge. Due to Copyright Protection, I am unable to release any version of this game to the public. To support the goal of being able to obtain licences to release games like this, please consider becoming a Patron or Donate via PayPal. Only by pledging your support can you give people like me an opportunity, and change the industry standard.

The premise of Terminator - The Resistance is primarily a single player campaign set in the future world of the Terminator Franchise. You are a member of The Resistance, and it is your duty to undertake missions in the field to ensure the survival of humanity!

The current build supports both a single player and multiplayer experience.

The game was purposely created on Unreal Engine 2.5 to show older engines still have great capabilities.  









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