Synopsis: Resident Evil - The Condemned (06/02/2018)

Resident Evil - The Condemned is a concept for a fan fiction game set in the Resident Evil (Biohazard) universe. Due to Copyright Protection, I am unable to release any version of this game to the public. To support the goal of being able to obtain licences to release games like this, please consider becoming a Patron or Donate via PayPal. Only by pledging your support can you give people like me an opportunity, and change the industry standard.

If you have played our original title The Invictus Files: Ridgewood, you will notice its similarities with the Resident Evil franchise, it was directly inspired by them after all. Our original plan was to create a Resident Evil fan fiction game, however due to the ever growing complications with copyright scrutiny in the world, we decided against this. However, our title Resident Evil - The Condemned is still a reality, and hopefully one day, we will reach an agreement with Capcom to produce this free to play title.

Resident Evil - The Condemned is set in the Resident Evil (Biohazard) universe, and it’s story takes place during the events of the Raccoon City incident. Resident Evil - The Condemned explores the little known villages within the Arklay Mountains, and how they coped with the outbreak of the virus.

Unfortunately as of yet, we cannot seem to get a response from Capcom’s licencing team, but we will keep trying.  






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