Synopsis: The Painting Racehorse (06/02/2018)

A racehorse on the brink of euthanization and a Gulf War vet stuck in isolation rescue each other through … painting? No, this isn’t a Hollywood manufactured story; it’s the incredible true story of Metro Meteor and his owner, Ron Krajewski.

Metro, a champion racehorse with a quirky personality, had his career cut short due to debilitating knee injuries. As is the case with many racehorses, he was most likely headed for the slaughterhouse when Ron—a self-proclaimed loner with no previous horse-owning experience—decided to adopt him off the track. These two cantankerous souls who couldn’t seem to connect with others, developed a deep bond. However, Metro’s knees worsened, the decision looming as to whether or not to put Metro down before the pain became unbearable. Heart-broken, Ron vowed to figure out a way for Metro to at least be able to enjoy his limited time left. That’s when it hit him. Maybe, just maybe, he could teach Metro to paint! As odd as it sounds, Ron is a self-taught painter and he had a sneaking suspicion Metro was cut from the same cloth. Not only did Metro learn to paint, his paintings sell around the world! And here’s the kicker: with the money from the horse’s paintings, they were able to afford an expensive, experimental, non-FDA approved treatment that ultimately healed Metro’s damaged knees and saved his life.

The Painting Racehorse is 1 of 20 randomly selected crowd funding campaigns we selected to receive a grant to finalise their projects.










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