Synopsis: Parkour, our world (06/02/2018)

Parkour, our world. I will go on roadtrip around the world very soon, I would to give a sense to my dream, et what's better idea that fusion it with my passion? The parkour. I want to go through lot of country, starting by France, Europe to Asia, without speaking about Oceania and if it's possible, Africa and America.

Parkour grow up and evolve everywhere in the world, as much in big city than small, and I want to see, and understand the point of view of the practicers in any of these places.

 For this, I will record, and make some interviews, reports in any country, meet a maximum of people to, at the end, make a documentary, or a complete report all around the world.

Parkour, our world is 1 of 20 randomly selected crowd funding campaigns we selected to receive a grant to finalise their projects.










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