Synopsis: Obstacle Run in Armour (06/02/2018)

The modern fire-fighter or the soldier carries a load of approx. 20-25kg at the most. That’s about the same load imposed on a late medieval armoured fighter, and we know this from recent scholarly work, including experimentation phases with modern-day equipment and faithful replica (3D motion capture, energy expenditure measured on treadmills). Following on from our previous production (see below), we chose the obstacle run on a military base in Switzerland to demonstrate the mobility of the armoured fighter with a comparative approach. Everybody knows, or can easily picture how agile fire-fighters or modern soldiers are. Is it the same for an armoured knight? We want to show it to the world by means of a public outreach short film, displayed in arms and amours exhibitions and free on Youtube.

Obstacle Run in Armour is 1 of 20 randomly selected crowd funding campaigns we selected to receive a grant to finalise their projects.










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