Synopsis: Ellston Bay - The Film (06/02/2018)

My name is Nick. For over a year I have been working on a short film project named Ellston Bay. It is a project that myself and so many others are so passionate about but we need your help to see this small idea become a reality.

Ellston Bay is a highly ambitious short film that is not afraid to push the boundaries of short-form storytelling.

Inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft, the project is to originate and be presented in the most immersive of motion picture film formats, allowing for a highly visceral and moving cinematic experience, the like of which is rarely experienced by passionate cinephiles.

Visually, this film is being created at the highest cinematic quality, and will be originated on VistaVision, the highest resolution, widescreen variant of the 35mm motion picture film format.

Ellston Bay - The Film is 1 of 20 randomly selected crowd funding campaigns we selected to receive a grant to finalise their projects.










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