Synopsis: Prince's Trust (06/02/2018)

The Prince's Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales to help vulnerable young people get their lives on track. It supports 11 to 30 year-olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion. Many of the young people helped by The Trust are in or leaving care, facing issues such as homelessness or mental health problems, or have been in trouble with the law.

It runs a range of training programmes, providing practical and financial support to build young people's confidence and motivation. Each year they work with about 60,000 young people, with three in four moving on to employment, education, volunteering or training.

We ourselves were a part of this group, unemployed, few qualifications and nowhere to turn. After a call to the Princes Trust, we were invited to take part in the Business Enterprise scheme, where we would meet industry professionals, share ideas and pick up a Business Enterprise qualification. Now we are putting everything we have learned into good practice. We have met adversity on our journey, but we have also met success, and we attribute that success to key information we learned during our time with the Princes Trust.







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