Synopsis: Leeds Young Peoples Film Festival (06/02/2018)

Leeds Young Film Festival is the UK’s largest family film event where the whole family can watch, learn and play. With over 15,000 other children and their families over in regular annual attendance, it is a magical journey to explore the world of film, animation and virtual reality through screenings, live shows, workshops and drop ins across the City in our four zones, with boredom-busting activities for all budgets, family passes and even some events that are completely FREE.

You can trace some of our humble beginnings back to the Young Peoples Film Festival. We originally began work as members of the group MediaFish, and our role was to help coordinate the Young Peoples Film Festival. From there we joined the main team and became coordinators of entire strands, mainly the gaming strand. The Young Peoples Film Festival has been a home away from home for us, and has given us some amazing experiences, such as flying to Sweden to represent our brand, being nominated for awards and creating great friendships.

Furthermore we re-created the Young Peoples Film Festival website back in 2010, although it has been through many changes since then, it still bares our design to this day.







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