Synopsis: In the Dark: Dungeons & Deduction (06/02/2018)

In the Dark is a micro card game for 1-2 players where you are an adventurer exploring the dungeon of Castle Lunisolar in search for treasure. As you and your companion traverse the dark passageways, you will need to seek out dungeon keys in order to find a master key that will allow you to access Lunisolar's most precious possessions.

The Keys Of Lunisolar: Lunisolar has 8 different keys, but only one is the master key. Your goal is to search through the different keys and avoid the dungeon's obstacles in order to deduce which of them is the master key. You are armed with only your wits and an old flashlight which is slowly dying out; your only hope is to quickly recover the master key in order to grab the treasure and escape the dungeon!

In the Dark: Dungeons and Deduction is 1 of 20 randomly selected crowd funding campaigns we selected to receive a grant to finalise their projects.









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